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Road Rules for Cruising Events

Listed below are some common sense rules and cruising etiquette to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time when cruising.  See below for a checklist of essentials to take with you when you go cruising. Remember ... Safety First!

Cruising Etiquette

  • Review maps and/or instructions for an event before the cruise begins.

  • Turn on your driving lights or fog lights on for all cruises.

  • Keep your speed consistent with the rest of the cruisers.

  • Remain one and a half car lengths behind the car in front of you (add more distance as speed increases).

  • Stay alert and obey all traffic laws.

  • Be courteous and let non-cruising vehicles through the cruising line to exit ramps and other roadways.

  • There will be times that we pull over for pictures, pits stops or to allow the cruisers to catch up. When this occurs, stay in your car and listen for additional instructions. Do not changes positions in line unless it is absolutely necessary.

Use of 2-Way Radios During Cruises

  • Always listen for instructions or information throughout the cruise.

  • Follow directions from both the lead and the end cars.

  • Relay information to the front or back of the caravan (as needed).

  • Be cautious of your language, as we may have children or other tender ears attending the cruise, and remember, you are using the public airwaves so anyone listening on the channel can hear you.

  • Help fellow cruisers who may not have radios with them.

Cruising Check List

Are you ready for a cruise? This is a checklist of recommended items to pack.
Print out this page for those days when you're out cruising.


   Cell Phone and Charger and Flashlight
   Water Resistant Jacket
   Two-way Radios to Talk with Others in Your Cruise
   Hat to Keep the Sun Out of Your Eyes
   Camera and Film or Memory Cards
   Lawn Chairs
   Cooler with Ice
   Drinking Water
   Extra Batteries for Flashlights and Camera
   Maps and Directions
   Competent Map Reading Person and Navigator

 The above rules and chart courtesy of the Mt. Rainier Cruisers Club.



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